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what we make


LC is a third generation family owned business specializing in OEM part manufacturing, retail display fixtures, cabinet manufacturing, panel processing, and slot machine lamination.


No matter the project, or the quantity, we can help you to fill your order from just 1 piece, to 10,000+ pieces.


If you can think it, we can make it. 

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machine specifics

MACHINE specifics

We  have 4 CNC Routers at LC.

Our Northwood 3 axis Double Table CNC is the workhorse of the shop.  It has two 60” x 60” tables that can work opposite of each other, as well as in tandem combined with two 18HP spindles, 30” on center with 12 tool changers each. This allows us to machine multiple parts 30” wide or less with 12 different tooling operations, or one part with 24 different tooling operations.


Our Homag N300 is our latest CNC. It is a self loading/unloading 60” x 145” single spindle CNC with 14 different tools and a 12 tool drill block. This machine is idea for nested layouts as well are parts that our other CNCs could only machine one part per cycle. It has a self loading/unloading feature which allows the machine to continue working while the operator unloads and destacks parts. Traditionally an operator would need to load/unload parts by hand, while the machine waits in idle.


Our Holzma HPL380 is a CNC panel saw, capable of cutting composites, solids, plywoods, and basically anything that can be cut with a carbide blade. It features a 5 x 12 cutting bed, ripping through material up to 3” thick. It is a self loading, operator unloading panel saw.


Our Homag CNC Edge Bander is a typical edge bander which can apply all 0.018”, 1.3mm and 3mm edge banding, but is also hot air capable for applying edge banding without a glue line.

Our newest machine added to production is our Kern HSE 250. A powerful, high speed laser which allows us to cut a range of materials such as plastic, wood, metal, and more as well as engraving and etching.

EXPERIENCE that matters

Laminated Components was founded in 1988 in Plainfield, IL. We started in a 5000 square foot facility with a drill press and a table saw. Today we are located in Hebron, IL 70 miles northwest of Chicago in 50,000 square feet of manufacturing awesomeness. We boast some of the most up to date, state of the art equipment with employees who have over 150 man years of experience and the clientele to prove it.



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